Copper Alloys - Traverse Wound Strip
AlloyEN 1652UNSBS2870Properties
CuZn 30CW505LC26000CZ106Deep drawing quality maximum ductility of the Cu - Zn alloys.
CuZn 37CW508LC27200CZ108General purpose alloy.
CuSn5CW451KC51000PB102Good formability combined with resistance to corrosion and fatigue.
CuSn6CW452KC51900PB103Extra tin giving improved wear resistance. Generally used for more severe service conditions than CuSn5.

Other materials available on request.

Thickness range - 0.10mm up to 3mm

Width range - 3.0mm up to 19mm

(Wider for Pancake coils)

Strip can be supplied traverse wound onto Argonaut or Din 355 reels

Please contact our sales team for details